November 27, 2020

How to choose a good slip ring manufacturer

applications. This is primarily because these devices are application-specific. Manufacturers design slip rings to operate in particular equipment under specified conditions. As such, you must purchase slip rings with the right specifications for the intended application The following two steps will help you find a good slip ring manufacturer


Step 1: Outline all your requirements

The first step to choosing a slip ring is outlining all the unique requirements and specifications needed. While slip rings play the same central purpose of converting signals and current between fixed and rotating parts, each works in a specific environment and machinery. For instance, if your application requires miniature PCB slip rings for smart toys, a through bore, or USB design wouldn’t work. The model and specifications of a slip ring depend on its application. This includes the equipment where the slip ring will be installed and a unique operating environment. For example, if your slip ring is to be used outdoors, it must be waterproof and weatherproof. Similarly, if you intend to use it in mining, enormous heights and other high-risk operations, you should inform the vendor so that they can include fundamental properties. The application will determine the volume, thickness, material, dimensions and other specifications. When outlining your requirements, focus on the following aspects:


  1. Type of slip ring

Through bore (also Through hole), Pancake, PCB, Fiber Optic and USB slip rings are the most popular types you will come across in different devices. Each type has unique features and applications. There are also variations within each type. For instance, slip rings used in tiny home smart toys are different from those used in military applications. Narrow your search to vendors that offer the type of slip ring you are looking for, although it is recommendable to research if your application could benefit from a different or custom design.


  1. Application minimum specifications

Each application requires a specific type of slip ring with precise specifications for size, volume, dimensions, material and properties. As such, you should make sure you identify the minimum specifications required for the slip ring. Some materials used in PCB slip rings, for instance, may pose a risk to the user, equipment, or both. Because of this, you should look up the individual features and properties to find out if the brand meets minimum government specifications. The device should be the perfect fit for your application, including the equipment and operating conditions.


Step 2: Find reputable vendors

It is crucial to find reputable vendors that can guarantee high-quality slip rings for your application. Slip rings are specialized electromechanical devices that are customized to specific applications. What’s more, there are a few hundred slip ring vendors, which naturally reduce the number of substandard offers in the market. However, not all vendors are equal and you should never assume all models from a popular brand are of high quality. When selecting slip rings, it is essential to purchase from reputable manufacturers and models that have remarkable reception in the market. The easiest way to gauge if any given product or service is dependable is through market reputation. You can check the customer reviews, expert ratings and overall market share that the brand commands. Some of the popular slip ring brands include Senring, Moflon, Rotarx and JINPAT, although you can find several other commendable offers. Once you have a couple of reputable manufacturers that offer the exact specifications you seek, compare them to find the best solution. Make sure you review both the brand and the individual model. For instance, Moflon might have several lines of slip rings, but their MT Series receives a better rating.



When selecting a slip ring, the priority must remain to find functional models for your equipment and application. You can also consider modern advancements and additional properties. If you are having trouble finding the slip ring you need, it is recommendable to ask your vendor.